Aizhan Raimbekova was born in Almaty in 1987. She inherited her love and passion for fashion from her grandmother and mother I guess we could say that fashion is apart of her DNA.
From the first day that Aizhan moved to Beijing back in 2007 her almost 6 foot height and uncanny beauty served as a Muse for many photographers as she modeled her way on to catwalks and into the hearts of designers.She wasn’t satisfied with just being a model therefore her lоve for music and the arts brought her to work as a marketing advisor for concerts such in Beijing such as Kanye West, Sean Kingston, Beyonce, just to name a few. She became a regular on the front lines of every fashion show from Stella McCartney, Celine, Balenciaga and everyone in between.After feeling like she had done it all she deferred her dreams for love and married. Now a successful mother of two Aizhan feels it is time stoke the fire of her dreams once again with the launch of raimbekova.com
China is the new frontier for fashion. China is now trending, and it is the place where all of the top brands are looking to for expansion. Aizhan has the unique advantage of not only being able to witness the fashion revolution in China but as an opinion leader she is spurring it on.Aizhan finds beauty in everything and believes that we inspire each other through the realness of who we are. raimbekova.com will be a hotpot of her lifestyle ranging from fashion for motherhood, children, fitness, art , music, entertainment, china inspired trends and how to always access your inner youth to think and feel forever young.1987年爱冉·兰姆别科娃出生在哈萨克斯坦阿拉木图,她从祖母和母亲那里继承了对生活的热爱和激情。换言之,时尚就是她的基因。爱冉在2007年搬到了北京,她以高挑窈窕的身材和神秘的美感担任了许多摄影师的缪斯,她塑造她自己独特的方式走上T台,深入设计师的内心。
她并不满足于仅仅身为模特,由于她对音乐和艺术的热爱使她迅速成为了演唱会营销顾问,如:坎耶·韦斯特,肖恩·金斯顿,碧昂丝等等。她是时尚前线的代言人在各种时尚秀场如:斯特拉·麦卡特尼,席琳,巴黎世家等。在貌似完成她所有的事情之际,她推迟了她的梦想为爱而结婚。现在有着两个孩子的爱冉已然是一位成功的母亲,在家人和朋友的支持鼓励下,她的梦想之火再次点燃,用心推出了她的个人主页raimbekova.com。中国是时尚的新领域。中国现在的趋势,这里是所有的顶级品牌正在寻找和扩张的地方。利用这里独特的优势,爱冉不仅能够见证中国的时尚革命,而且有机会成为意见领袖去影响它。通过我们是谁的真实性,爱冉发现一切的美,相信我们互相启发。 个人主页raimbekova.com将是她生活方式的展现,从时尚母亲,孩子,健身,艺术,音乐,娱乐,中国风格的发展趋势,以及如何随时随地深入你内心的青春去思考和感觉永远年轻。