Redefining Beauty. 美的重新诠释 Edited by Anara Emil


Redefining Beauty. 美的重新诠释 Edited by Anara Emil

“It is a rare woman who can overcome her desire to remain pretty and allow herself to become beautiful.” – Robert Brault.

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” – Khalil Gibran.

“To be beautiful means to be you. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to be accepted by yourself.” – unknown.

What is “Beauty”? “Do I feel beautiful?” These are the questions that probably each of us have asked ourselves million times before.
There have always been some kind of standards for women to live up to. The perception of what is attractive and beautiful have changed throughout the time. What may seem to be beautiful today can be easily changed in a matter of time. I believe, none of us should follow any standards to define the beauty, as each of us is so unique and beautiful by our own.

My whole life I’ve been struggling with the feeling that I’m not beautiful enough. I’ve always been a girl with high Mongolian cheeks and large hips, I never liked my eyes, I hated my skin for being too oily and always thought I am not skinny enough. There was only one period of time in my life, when I became very slim, and that was only because I made myself starving for too long. But did it worth it? Did I feel happy at all? The answer is no.
I guess there wasn’t a day in my life, when I was looking at myself and think: “Girl, you are so damn beautiful today!”

You might say, it is always easier to say than actually do something, in this case accept yourself the way you are. Because we women always want to change something in our bodies. There are always some parts we never satisfied with for some reason. But just think for a minute “how much time do we actually spend criticizing instead of enjoying our little flaws?” I think life could become much happier if you start celebrating your individuality.

When my mum passed away from breast cancer, I had lingering severe depression for several years. These years seem to be the longest years of my life. I was lost and confused as never before. I realized the true feeling of loneliness, when you lose your loved and the only one. I felt like now nobody needs you, but just you. To say it was hard is to say nothing. It was the most unbearable pain one can ever go through.
However, time went by, live was passing over and I had to find strength to move forward. This is my life and I should fight for it no matter what! That moment I realized, that life never stops. There is always a chance to start over and become your own champion. I am sure my mum would tell me the same thing, if she is with me.

My message for you my dear reader here, is that the most important aspect of being beautiful is confidence. Confidence in what you do, what you think and what you believe in. Only when you feel confident in yourself, that is when you will feel truly beautiful, and it will be reflected on your outer self.
There are millions of ways how to highlight your large hips, or strong jawline, or body shape and be proud of it. This is a present of nature for you to be the only one like this in this world, be YOU! Don’t hide it, complement it!

My final beauty math will be:
Confidence + Intelligence + Smize (smiling with eyes) + Personality = BEAUTIFUL

Shot by Carolyn J.Y. Lee

Redefining Beauty. 美的重新诠释 Edited by Anara Emil

“能够克服追求外在之美的欲望的女性是弥足珍贵的。”-Robert Brault

“美不在脸蛋上;真正的美是心灵之光。”- Khalil Gibran











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Redefining Beauty. 美的重新诠释 Edited by Anara Emil

Redefining Beauty. 美的重新诠释 Edited by Anara Emil

Redefining Beauty. 美的重新诠释 Edited by Anara Emil

Redefining Beauty. 美的重新诠释 Edited by Anara Emil

Redefining Beauty. 美的重新诠释 Edited by Anara Emil



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