One year anniversary of 一周年raimbekova.com庆典


One year anniversary of 一周年raimbekova.com庆典


It’s been a year since I founded and I’m glad to see how many good changes it brought to my life. It was an interesting journey to transform my thoughts into words and share with everyone. I am unspeakably grateful for all opportunities that I had to embody my self as creative individual and still have so many things to accomplish. I have so many ideas and projects that I want to build up but it takes little longer then I expected. I promise you is going to be even more interesting in the upcoming season.

It’s been a year of learning. I learnt so much about life and people. I met really great people in the industry, they constantly inspire me to keep going and aim higher. I never knew how interesting could be to find connections and talk business while sipping coffee during meetings; to get to know people, and become friends…

Two babies later I feel much more confident, then I just became a mom for the first time. I’m one of those types of women that dedicate all thoughts and energy to the family and the family only. When family becomes your life you just put your ambitions on a pause, because it’s a true happiness to give life and feel loved, what in the world could better? At the same time you don’t realize how day-by-day you loose shape in business communicating and slowly becoming out of trend haha, but maybe not all the mothers changing in that way. It took me almost a year to get back on track and reshape my professional skills. I remember how I shared with a close friend, about how difficult it was for me to communicate with people and talk business like a pro. And now when I think back of that time, I see that it was a challenge because I wasn’t ready enough,because my second son was only 3 months old. I guess I was born with the idea to be a “multitasker”, but it ‘s a good thing right?
If you are a mom and you struggle, I want you to know that it’s okay to be in a bad shape. Eventually everything is going to be fine, just hold on and believe in your self.

And finally I would like to thank all of my friends that supported me, that believed in me, I\’\’ so blessed! I love you all! And of course my family I’m such a lucky girl to have an amazing husband and two beautiful babies Arsalan and Tamerlan!

photography by 阮大伟
make up: Frau Romanova

Dress and Cape LUVON BY LIULU
Heels Stuart Weiztman

One year anniversary of 一周年raimbekova.com庆典






化妆师: Frau Romanova

éž‹Stuart Weiztman

One year anniversary of 一周年raimbekova.com庆典

One year anniversary of 一周年raimbekova.com庆典

One year anniversary of 一周年raimbekova.com庆典



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